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Intellinx Launches Healthcare Solution

Boaz Krelbaum
Intellinx Co-founder, CTO and US General Manager

Intellinx Ltd., the innovative leader in enterprise fraud management has announced  the general availability of its healthcare solution which ensures patient privacy and compliance with HIPAA and other government regulations.  Securing the privacy of over 70 million patient records at major hospitals, clinics and insurers in three continents, Intellinx’s Healthcare Solution now includes proven business rules for more comprehensive protection and a quicker implementation in addition to patented sniffing technology used to monitor suspicious activity.

According to the US Department of Justice,  last year marked a record number of prosecuted healthcare fraud cases, with an increase of 3% over the previous year, and total recoveries of $4.3 billion.   Demand for medical information remains strong on criminal marketplaces because it takes victims longer to realize the information has been stolen.  Sensitive patient data can be leaked for many purposes, for example to reveal information about celebrities, public officials, and job applicants or for double billing or other types of payment fraud.  Cyber criminals were getting paid $20 for health insurance credentials on some underground markets, compared with $1 to $2 for U.S. credit card numbers prior to the Target breach, according to Dell SecureWorks.

Intellinx solution’s patented technology provides the most comprehensive protection of patient privacy.  Using proprietary methods to monitor user access to Electronic Medical Record (EMR) and electronic Protected Health Information (ePHI) as well as activity using EPIC and other healthcare systems, Intellinx’s Healthcare Solution can identify suspicious activity without relying solely on data from log files and application databases that typically do not provide sufficient information on users who just browse patient data without making any transactions.  According to Data Breach Report 59.4% of total exposed records are the result of insider activity.

“Protecting personal privacy is essential for healthcare institutions, not only for regulatory compliance but also to maintain the confidence of their patients and customers,” said Boaz Krelbaum, Intellinx Co-founder, CTO and US General Manager. “Intellinx’s Healthcare Solution leverages Intellinx’s years of experience in the industry to develop business rules and processes that can minimize risk and financial losses for healthcare institutions.”

About Intellinx Ltd.
Intellinx Ltd., the innovative leader in enterprise fraud management, protects organizations from internal and external fraud and data theft. The Intellinx anti-fraud suite provides a rich set of solutions on one unified platform including enterprise alert and case management, employee fraud, web fraud, check fraud and others. Intellinx’s patented agent-less technology captures application data directly from the network providing a detailed forensic audit trail with unparalleled visibility into user activity with no overhead. By applying powerful analytics based on behavior profiling Intellinx detects and stops suspicious behavior in real time. Intellinx enables seamless compliance with government regulations (including PCI, GLBA, FACTA Red-Flags, Sarbanes-Oxley, Basel II and AML). Recognized by a leading analyst firm as the number one supplier of internal fraud protection, with the simplest deployment, Intellinx serves over 150 large and medium sized financial, healthcare, government and telecom organizations worldwide including ten of the largest fifty banks.

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