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McAfee Announces SaaS Solution for Amazon Web Services

Ken Kartsen
Vice President of Federal

McAfee, part of Intel Security and a leading provider of comprehensive security solutions to the U.S. federal government, has announced it will offer its Host-Based Security Solution (HBSS) to Amazon Web Services’ (AWS) federal government cloud customers.

HBSS, a security architecture deployed throughout the Department of Defense (DoD), will be the first in a series of McAfee Software as a Service (SaaS) offerings enabled by InfoReliance, the company that is assisting with McAfee’s migration of existing tools and products to the AWS Cloud.

The U.S. military and other government organizations are increasingly turning to cloud computing to increase mission interoperability, preserve resources and reduce costs. To ensure a standardized approach to cloud transition across the DoD environment, the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) requires that all cloud service providers adhere to the DISA Cloud Security Model, or CSM. Recently,  the AWS GovCloud (US) Region became the first-ever cloud service to receieve a Provisional Authorization from the DoD for CSM levels 1-5.

Already implemented on over five million DoD systems, HBSS is a suite of McAfee commercial-off-the-shelf software that helps detect, monitor and mitigate threats to the DoD network and systems. The new HBSS SaaS offering for AWS will enable the DoD and intelligence community to extend their existing security architecture, migrate their mission applications, further secure their data and meet their information assurance mandates.

“Our DoD customers said they wanted to transition to the cloud and we listened,” said Ken Kartsen, Vice President of Federal at McAfee. “We’re embracing cloud through strategic investments across our portfolio of network and endpoint cybersecurity technologies so they will be interoperable with AWS. We wanted to lead with a cloud offering for HBSS as it is so critical to the security of DoD systems.”

“It is important for DoD customers to be able to quickly and easily migrate to the cloud while meeting their mandated security requirements,” said Teresa Carlson, Vice President of Worldwide Public Sector, Amazon Web Services, Inc. “This shared security solution provides additional layers of secrutiy to help DoD customers to securely manage resources in the cloud while reducing costs.”

“InfoReliance is an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner and a member of the McAfee Security Innovation Alliance, putting us in a unique position to aid in the roadmap development and release of McAfee security solutions for the AWS platform,” said Aaron Faulkner,  Vice President for InfoReliance. “We feel privileged to be able to bring the capabilities of the world’s largest dedicated security company together with the world’s leading cloud providers.”

HBSS for AWS will be available for purchase through authorized McAfee resellers beginning in September 2014. Additional McAfee SaaS solutions for AWS will be available for AWS Test Drives on AWS GovCloud (US).

About McAfee
McAfee, part of Intel Security group and a wholly owned subsidiary of Intel Corp. (NASDAQ:INTC), empowers businesses, the public sector and home users to safely experience the benefits of the Internet. The company delivers proactive and proven security solutions and services for systems, networks and mobile devices around the world. With its visionary Security Connected strategy, innovative approach to hardware-enhanced security and unique Global Threat Intelligence network, McAfee is relentlessly focused on keeping its customers safe.

About InfoReliance
InfoReliance Corporation is a specialized information technology (IT) consulting firm that serves customers across the federal government, health care and private industry. The company’s core competencies are in the areas of cyber security, software engineering and cloud computing. InfoReliance serves as an Advanced Consulting Partner in the AWS Partner Network (APN) and an AWS Value-Added Reseller, a McAfee authorized value-added reseller for government, and a McAfee Security Innovation Alliance Partner for application and database security. Headquartered in Fairfax, Va., InfoReliance is a privately-held business founded in 2000.

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