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Protecting Your Company Against Civil & Criminal Liability
A Practical Handbook for CEOs, CFOs, Controllers, Directors, and Senior Management on Streamlining and Researching the Sarbanes-Oxley Process

Author: Jerry Grenough
ISBN: 978-1-59622-754-5
Publisher: Aspatore Books

Book Excerpt

This book contains details on little-known mathematical theorems used primarily in medicine and economics which may be a solution to the spiraling costs of complying with this federal legislation which applies to and affects public companies in every major industrialized country, from Australia to Europe to North America.

It also contains one of the most comprehensive treatises on Enron ever written.

Book Review:
Jerry Grenough
Taylor Forensics

J.T. Grenough is a founder of Taylor Forensics, an investigative firm which consults on topics of corporate governance and investment performance strategy studies.

He graduated from the University of Louisville, maintains a CPA license in the Midwest, and has performed expert witness testimony. He has published articles for the Sarbanes Oxley Compliance Journal and the Institute of Internal Auditors. He has handled six major Sarbanes-Oxley assignments for Fortune 2000 companies, and served as a regional audit director for a Fortune 500 company, assisting the audit committee in the performance of their duties

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